Foundation Field: One Field, Two Dreams.

Eighteen years ago Foundation Field was a dream of Hamilton Joe’s General Manager Darrel Grissom. His dream was to build a baseball complex suitable for professional baseball.  Each of the players, along with those who assist behind the action, have a dream in life. We spoke with two of those involved with Hamilton Joes. Eric Santiago, player for the Hamilton Joes, and Ryan Finnerty, the active assistant general manager for the Hamilton Joes, both discuss to us their baseball-related dreams.

Eric Santiago’s Dream is to Play Professional Baseball

Eric Santiago, 19, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a coming-up sophomore in college. Eric started a freshman for University of Cincinnati’s baseball team with his current position being shortstop.  When asked about his dream, Santiago responded saying, “Whether it be Single-A, Double-A, or the majors, it’s just to play professional baseball.”

Eric Santiago describes the game as his “Passion,” following that he has “loved the sport,” since he played t-ball at the age of six. He aspires to get drafted out of college.

To Become the Youngest General Manager in Baseball

Ryan Finnerty, 17, of Fairfield, Ohio, is currently the assistant general manager to the Hamilton Joes. He’s been involved with the team for nearly three years. Soon to be a senior at Fairfield High School, Finnerty’s dream is to be the youngest general manager to ever be employed with a major league team. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do my whole life,” Finnerty said, when asked how long he’s been aspiring to reach his dream, “the more I’ve been around the game, the more I’ve wanted to do it.”

For Ryan Finnerty to reach his goal, he ideally will have to achieve the act of becoming a general manager within the next nine years. The record is currently held by Jon Daniels of the Texas Rangers, who became the youngest general manager at the age of 28 years.

As this season of Hamilton Joes is coming to an end, these two come closer to achieving their dreams. Attend their last few games to view Eric and Ryan enduring to achieve their dreams, along with everyone else on and off of Hamilton’s Foundation Field. The Hamilton Joes’ remaining schedule for the 2017 season is listed below.


July 27th, HOME – Joes vs Copperheads @7:05 pm

July 28th, HOME – Joes vs Copperheads @7:05 pm

July 29th, HOME – Joes vs Steam @7:05 pm