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Ft St clair
Whispering Oak tree at Fort St Clair
May 20, 2020-Butler County Connect
If you lean into the massive oak tree at Fort St.Clair Park, it might whisper to you about what it has seen over 250 years…a bloody battle, children playing, spring flowers, and peaceful snows.
Just outside the city limits of Eaton Ohio stands a part of history that witnessed our young Country’s struggle with freedom and independence. In 1792, Fort St Clair was constructed just west of the City of Eaton Ohio. Fort St Clair was an important part of the military supply routes and a crucial garrison between Fort Washington (Cincinnati) and Fort Jefferson (Darke County). The Fort also helped protect the local pioneers from Native American Indian raids and expanded the United States of America into the Northwest Territory.
Sometime in the 1700s, just outside the walls of Fort St Clair an oak tree was planted. This oak tree witnessed military life and other mundane parts of pioneer life. But it also witnessed a piece of history; the battle between Little Turtle with 200 Indian warriors and the soldiers stationed at the Fort.

Fort St Clair- Eaton Ohio

The Ohio Exploration Society described the event that occurred:
“On November 6, 1792, two hundred Indian warriors led by Little Turtle attacked one hundred mounted Kentucky riflemen, who had camped outside the fort. Six of those men died in the battle. Both the battlefield and the men’s graves are included in the photos below. Fort St. Clair was also a major supporting post in 1794, when General “Mad” Anthony Wayne finally defeated the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.”
Grave site and battle field at Fort St Clair. Photo credit E. Todd Fowler
On April 13, 1977 The International Society of Arborculture and the National Arborist Association jointly recognized the old Whispering Oak tree as having lived here during the American Revolutionary Period.1776 – 1976. The soldiers that perished during the battle are buried  close enough to the Whispering Oak so to enjoy the shade provided by the oak on hot summer days in Ohio.

The Whispering Oak Tree

The Whispering Oak is located in Fort St. Clair Park, 395 Camden Road, Eaton Ohio.
Fort St Clair, Eaton Ohio. Photo credit E. Todd Fowler
The Whispering Oak Tree. A witness to history. Photo credit E. Todd Fowler

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