Fort Hamilton Hospital was recognized by The Hamilton City Council

Fort Hamilton Hospital awarded door to balloon record
Fort Hamilton Hospital and Hamilton City Firefighters recognized by Hamilton Ohio City Council for a record-setting “door to balloon” time.

On May 9th, 2018. Fort Hamilton Hospital was recognized by The Hamilton City Council for setting a record in “Door-to-Balloon” time of 12 minutes. The American Heart Association has recommended a 90-minute timeframe for this process. However, by integrating modern technology and maintaining a focus to improve quality, the Cardiac team at Fort Hamilton Hospital has been able to consistently stay under 30 minutes.

What is Door-to-Balloon time?

“Door-to-Balloon” time is a term used for the timeframe of patients with an (ST-elevation myocardial infarction) or “STEMI” heart attack. Which is the deadliest type of heart attack, typically caused by the blockage of blood flow. Time is a key factor in this situation and it is extremely critical to restore blood flow as quickly as possible to lessen the odds of any damage happening to the patient.

The American Heart Association is a non-profit organization that helps foster improvements in cardiac care in the United States and have recommended a 90-minute timeframe referred to as “door-to-balloon”, this is the time from the patient’s arrival to the Hospital or care facility, to the inflation of the balloon catheter opening the patient’s blocked artery. Broken up into three parts- 30 minutes from the symptoms begin, and the diagnosis of STEMI has been made. Followed by 30 minutes from the mobilization of the cardiology team, and the patient’s arrival to Cardiac Cath Lab. The final 30 minutes is the start of the procedure and opening the blocked artery.

Staying Above National standard.

The team of highly skilled physicians at Fort Hamilton Hospital have been able to stay at 12 minutes for the “Door-to-Balloon” process. By improving procedures and integrating modern technology, cutting the suggested 90-minute timeframe down to just 12 minutes, improves the chance of survival and lessens the chance of damage to the patient immensely. Fort Hamilton Hospital’s Cardiac team have been able to consistently combine their skills and high-quality care to stay above the national heart care standards.

Since remodeling the Cath Lab at Fort Hamilton Hospital in 2007, the cardiologists have performed over 10,000 cardiac procedures, and have continued to strive towards excellence. The Cardiac team at Fort Hamilton Hospital consists of highly-skilled cardiologists, nurse practitioners trained in cardiac care, an interventional cardiologist and an electrophysiologist all working toward the best quality in heart care.

(ST-elevation myocardial infarction) or “STEMI” heart attacks are the deadliest type of heart attack in the United States. Most Heart attacks are sudden and intense, and It is extremely critical to seek medical attention as soon as possible. The American Heart Association recommends calling 9-1-1 as soon as you notice symptoms beginning.

The Cardiac team at Fort Hamilton hospital have also received the 2016 CareChex recognition in Medical Excellence in Heart Attack Treatment as #1 in Ohio and #1 in the Midwest. They are extremely dedicated to providing the highest level of heart care and to stay above the national standard. Fort Hamilton Hospital is located on 630 Eaton Ave, Hamilton, OH 45013 and is open 24 hours.