Fort Hamilton Hospital Offers Support Club for Stroke Survivors

Kettering Health Network’s Stroke Survivor Support Club at Fort Hamilton
Hospital meets monthly with stroke survivors, family members, caregivers, and a variety of other health care practitioners. The goal of the group is to provide encouragement, positive support, education, and socialization to the stroke survivor community and their families.
The Stroke Survivor Support Club meets on the first Tuesday of each month from
6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Fort Hamilton Hospital, Therapy Clinic, at 1010 Cereal Avenue in Hamilton.

The group provides opportunities for stroke survivors and caregivers to share
their experiences related to overcoming the effects of a stroke.
Did you know? Each year, about 795,000 people experience a new or recurrent
stroke, and about one in 20 deaths are tied to stroke in the United States. Knowing the signs and symptoms of a stroke is critical for survival.

The American Stroke Association and Kettering Health Network urge residents to
be prepared in a stroke emergency. Knowing the stroke symptoms and warning signs
means you can act F.A.S.T.

F — Face: Is one side of the face drooping or numb? Ask the person to smile. Is their
smile uneven or lopsided?

A-   Arms: Is one arm weak or numb? Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one
arm drift downward?

S — Speech: Is the speech slurred? Have them repeat a simple sentence like, “The sky is blue.” Is the person able to correctly repeat the words?

T — Time: Is it time to Call 9-1-1? If someone shows any of these symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately. It is important that you do not drive yourself or someone having stroke-like symptoms. Make a note of the time when symptoms began to share with first responders.

Kettering Health Network’s interdisciplinary team of specialists includes board-
certified neurosurgeons, neurologists and neurointerventionalists, and physiatrists.
Committed to remaining at the top of their field, the team provides the latest diagnostic tools, treatment options, research, and advanced recovery solutions, designed to reverse a stroke and help patients return to their prior level of function. The symptoms of a stroke are sudden. Call 911 at any sign of a stroke. Visit to find out more information.
Stroke Survivor Support Club’s monthly meetings are offered at no cost to
participants and meet at the Fort Hamilton Hospital, Therapy Clinic, at 1010 Cereal
Avenue in Hamilton. For more information contact Seleste White, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist at (513) 867-2473.

Kettering Health Network leads the way in advancing stroke care across the
region. Kettering Health Network is the home to 11 emergency centers in Southwest
Ohio, including Kettering, Grandview, Sycamore, Southview, Greene, Fort Hamilton,

Soin, Huber, Franklin, Preble, and Middletown. Plus, a new emergency center will be
coming to Troy soon.