“Butler County may truthfully be said to be one of the most interesting spots on the continent so far as its archaeological remains are concerned,” said John P. MacLean author of The Moundbuilders, Archaeology of Butler County, Ohio. published in 1879 by Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati.

Five things to know about Ancient Mounds and Cultures of Butler County Ohio.

  1. People have lived in what we now know as Butler County since around 13,000 BCE. Several cultures lived here before us.

    Ancient mounds in Butler County Ohio. Ohio history
    Adena mound located in Hueston Woods. Photo: E. Todd Fowler

2. There were several types of mounds and structures discovered in Butler County. The types included burial, signal, ceremonial and fort structures.


Ancient mounds in Butler County
Butler County Metro Park – https://www.yourmetroparks.net/parks/rentschler-forest-metropark/line-hill-mound Photo credit: E. Todd Fowler

3. At one time Butler County had over 250 mounds. Most of which have been destroyed by “progress.”



4. The Great Mound of Butler County, located in Madison Twp, is one of the largest mounds in southwest Ohio.

Ohio historical marker Butler County American Indian heritage
An Ohio historical marker recognizing ancient cultures. Photo E. Todd Fowler

5. An Ohio Historical Marker has been placed recognizing the rich ancient heritage of our land and recognizing the ancient mounds in Butler County. The marker is located 4262 Reily Millville Road, Hamilton OH.