Five fast facts you need to know about Butler County Ohio.

Fact number one:

Butler County was formed March 24, 1803. The city of Franklin Ohio was originally included in Butler County. Later Franklin Ohio was given to Warren County so it could meet size requirements to become an Ohio county.

Fact number two:

Butler County was named in honor of General¬†Richard Butler who was killed in General St. Clair’s defeat in Ft. Recovery Ohio.

Fact number three:

There were 251 Ancient mounds in Butler County when the French Explored in the 1600-1700’s. Seven were noted to be considered “large earthwork mounds.” The largest earth work left is located in Madison Twp.

Fact number four:

Hueston Woods State Park in located in Butler and Preble County. Hueston Wood State Park contains one of the few new virgin growths of American Beech and Maple trees in Ohio.

Fact number five:

There are 88 places listed on National Register of Historical Places in Butler County. 

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