Farewell Round UP and Skating on Main! 

Hamilton History 

The Round-Up Roller Rink got its start in the 1970s Hamilton, Ohio. Today demolition of the classic venue is underway.  It was closed August 17th, 2017 under the name Skating on Main which had owned the building for the past 10 years.

The roller rink was effectively demolished Friday morning.  The Round-Up Roller Rink tells a story of many Hamiltonians pasts: the Friday and Saturday night skating extravaganza was the thing to do for many of us as kids.  One chaperone described the rink as a great and safe way for kids to get to know one another outside of the classroom and began many romances and friendships that have stood the test of time over the years.

It was equipped with a sound system with a bass thump that just said party.  Kids who would never otherwise talk in school might help up a fallen skate warrior at the rink.

Most times even if they weren’t playing your favorite song it still sure felt good to get out there and ride at a breakneck speed to a poppy thumping track.

The Classic Roller Rink

The thought of the rink’s demise brings us back to what we once were as kids, whether we listened to Zeppelin the Backstreet Boys or were die-hard Mariah fans, there was always something unexpected and exciting about this experience.  The classic roller rink meant time away from Mom and Dad when you could just be with your friends and have good old fashioned clean fun.

On August 17th the doors closed for the last time to this little piece of Hamilton heaven. However, the roller rink will always live in all of our hearts and the stories and laughs that we shared and even the slips and spills will be remembered forever.  Farewell Round-Up and Skating on Main!

What is the future of this land?

Kettering Health is set to repurpose the grounds for use as a medical building In part of their great network of hospitals and inpatient/outpatient services.

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James Steed is a Hamilton High School graduate of 06 and former culinary specialist and public affairs officer in the US Navy. Born and raised in Butler County He now works as a freelance writer and producer, he is a self-touted foodie and “minor-league” wine connoisseur.

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Greg Irwin is a lifelong Hamiltonian and Founder of Finger Fitness. While in the 8th grade, Greg performed his first “paid musical gig” at the Skating Rink. Since those days Greg has been on many television shows including The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Show and Jay Leno. Over the past 30 years since the conception of Finger Fitness, Greg Irwin constantly asked just what is Finger Fitness and why should I do it? Learn more about Greg and Finger Fitness visit https://handhealth.com/founder/