Hi, my name is Tatum Oliver. I go to Badin High School and this year I was a CIT at Camp Campbell Gard.

So for me, I mean, camp made me who I am today and I just love being able to pass that onto these kids who really appreciate it more than anyone else in the world. Just getting to see them change over the week that we have them, learning how to go horseback riding, how to canoe, learning how to make friendship bracelets with all these new friends they’re making… it’s really cool to see the kids over the week. They learn to appreciate nature. It’s awesome.

I think the kids, a lot of them by far, enjoy the zip line the most; just getting to get out of your comfort zone, get up on a platform and just kind of jump and take a leap of faith is really fun for them. Just being in heights for the first time and learning these new things about yourself. A lot of them showed up quiet and then by the end of the week they were crying because they were leaving some of their best friends that they had met at camp that week.

I mean, I saw kids who had never seen a horse before and now they want to be horseback riders, kids who had never seen a rock wall before and now they want to be rock climbers. It’s just a really cool thing to see the way that these kids change in a matter of five days.


EXPERIENCE was founded to expose children from the Boys & Girls Club of Hamilton to activities they otherwise would not have the opportunity to enjoy, such as:

• going to camp • archery • canoeing • exploring the wilderness • zip-lining • horseback riding • swimming • sitting around a campfire • going to the theater • taking a tennis lesson • participating in an art class • visiting the zoo • going to watch a Reds or Bengals game • walking on a college campus