Robert H. Buchholz DDS DentistDr. Robert Buchholz(D.D.S) is back! His local dentist office is open to serve Butler/Hamilton County now.


Having served the citizens of North Central Hamilton County and South Central Butler County for more than thirty-six years, he took a sabbatical from dentistry for a year – following wrist surgery in 2011.

“When a hand surgeon couldn’t give me better odds than 50/50 that I would once again be ‘good to practice’ post surgically…it became pretty easy to do the math,” Dr. B stated.

After three quarters of a year of rehab, through the grace of the Lord, Dr. Buchholz was able to renew his commitments to the dental profession. This included his memberships in the International College of Dentists as well as the American College of Dentists. Both groups are Honorary Dental Societies. Dr. B also is a member of the American Dental Association(ADA), Ohio Dental Association, and Cincinnati Dental Society.

Dentist Robert H. Buchholz DDS“I renewed my career by being a ‘Substitute’ dentist. The Kentucky Dental Board was gracious enough to grant me dental privileges and I began easing back into performing ‘chair-side’ dentistry and fulfilling my commitment to the profession. The people of the Commonwealth have always treated this ‘Kentucky Colonel’ with warmth and kindness. I’ve subbed in Louisville, Lexington, Georgetown and Berea and will continue to do so “for as long as my hands are steady and my mind remains sharp.”

This past year(2016)…Dr. Buchholz resumed practicing in Sharonville, where his private practice experiences began back in 1974.

He has joined the group practice of ‘French Family Dentistry’. Dr.(s) Mike and son Kit French practice at 3801 Sharon Park Lane.

“Mike and I both built our practices throughout the 70’s…80’s and 90’s in the same two story building behind LaRosas in downtown Sharonville,” Buchholz related. He further stated… “For five years I’ve missed the interaction with everyday folks. The mouth is the gateway to total health. I missed educating people about how to achieve complete oral health. When a patient has a problem I’m obligated to inform the patient about the situation. Dental problems, many times, can be solved with multiple solutions with varying costs attributed to each method. “I’ll explain the multiple options of treatment and the correlating costs…” however…

“No one should feel trapped when making a decision about care nor should they fear being financially and unduly burdened,” Dr. B. firmly advocates.

“The patient MUST always be THE DECISION MAKER when it comes to their oral health…and they will be when they’re sitting in my dental chair,” Buchholz added.
“When the patient is waiting to numb-up – perhaps I’ll share my latest book that I’ve written…’TOWERS ABOVE’. I write under the pen name of BUCK BRANNON because the name Buchholz is far too difficult to pronounce let alone – spell,” Dr. Buchholz mused.

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Find more information about his practice on the website .

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