Downtown Middletown Castell Building, Est 1915.

Better known as the Castell Building, (the engraved stone near the top reads Sebald Building). The Castell or Sebald Building was constructed on this site in 1915 replacing a warehouse that was connected to Sebald Brewery. The building was named for Castell, Germany, the birthplace of William Sebald. For many years, the Castell Building housed the Castell Drug Store. The upper levels were used for offices housing dentists, real estate brokers, hairdressers, and physicians. It is one of the oldest structures in town and only one to be fireproof. William and Louis Sebald owned and operated the Sebald Brewery just south of this location.

A Vision for Middletown Ohio

From an early age, Scott Lewis said he can remember being on a building site with his father Larry. Kicking sand piles around and building his own forts out of worksite material. As he has grown into an adult, Scott learned to hang drywall and paint. Learning from his father the renovation and building trade was a natural progression to taking on the Castell project nearly 9 years ago. All things good come to those who wait! As you can see by the before and after pictures, the Castel Building was a big undertaking! Scott’s faith has been the root by which the project has made it this far and it’s his faith that will open the Kingswell Seminary in the 2nd and 3rd floors this May.

Scott Lewis is born and raised here in Middletown and although he left for college and seminary, he came back to where he feels his roots run deep. Most would remember Scott as a student at Middletown Christian Schools in the 90’s or a active member at The Oasis Church back in the day. He now is known for being an innovative force in revitalization in area’s of Middletown that others overlooked before 10 years ago. He is a member at Breiel Church, Husband to Jeri Lewis, Step dad to 3 young men and dad to 2 little boys.

On Kingswell’s Web page it says “We live in a time of accelerated change in North America, evidenced by increased immigration, rapid technological advances, globalization, and the decline of Christian influence in culture. These changes are causing the Church in North America to re-evaluate its mission to the world. In our opinion, God is simply waking his people to the realization that we do not exist for the purpose of only maintaining our church structures, but we exist to partner with God on a mission of reconciling our neighborhoods, cities, and communities to Christ.”

Revitalization of a City

Revitalization of a City, The Church and the root of this man’s heart. Brick by brick and side by side with his father Larry Lewis, their friend Rick and men they have been able to bring alongside them, teach the trade of construction and painting and good work ethic, they are on track to open May 9th, 2019 to the public!

Kingswell will offer 9-12 month cohorts offering training in the missional movement. Helping equip missional leaders to then go and BE the church in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and beyond. In addition, there will be a new concept to be announced soon,  on the ground floor in the old Blast Furnace space and a local regional University is in talks to share the classroom and mission with Kingswell.

There is also still room for growth! The 3rd floor (2000 sq feet) and all the top floor (7022 sq feet) are available for lease as well! For information call Scott Lewis (513) 816-3234

For more information on Kingswell Seminary check out their web page