Downtown Hamilton Ample parking, day or night.

As new businesses and restaurants spring up all over the great city of Hamilton their presence echoes throughout different social media platforms. I personally love reading the comments posted in the various Hamilton Ohio groups on Facebook.

A common gripe in the comment sections about visiting Downtown Hamilton Businesses is parking. I have seen statements like “Why visit downtown when there is no place to park?”  The truth: Ample parking if you know where to look.

This week I took a trip to explore the parking spaces of downtown Hamilton. I have elegantly captured some of the most delightful parking areas in the downtown area in photographs. These photos will help light the way to parking for those are visiting the downtown area but are yet in the know.

(P.S.) Thank you to Hamilton Police Officer Thacker and Officer Cox for helping keep Washington Park peaceful and free of crime. Your efforts are appreciated.

About the Author 

Terrance Huff is an award-winning filmmaker who lives, works and plays in Hamilton, Ohio.