Kosta’s restaurant was established in 1950 in Hamilton, Ohio.  It is a local Diner establishment that has been serving up hot and fresh meals to Hamilton municipality folk, businesses and inhabitants of the city for 68 years.  Happy, homey comfort food in this homestyle diner.  Need coffee and pie to get your day started off right?  Stop by and see for yourself how hospitable and friendly this place can be.  Love, care for the food they put out and good company are what this local diner serves up threefold.

Here’s what’s on my plate for lunch: a hearty portion of egg salad sandwich.  This monster comes with fresh crunchy dill pickles and thick slices of tomato.  I opted for the double-decker style and it came out plated up just how I like it, uniform and ready-to-eat.


Perfect onion rings.   Crispy and fresh with a golden-caramel color.  They weren’t overly greasy.  You know, sometimes you get an order of rings and the onions fall out of the batter before you get the bite in?  Not at Kosta’s.  Here, each one had a perfect and clean bite and I didn’t have to sacrifice any napkins to the grease gods.

I grabbed a fresh homemade vanilla milkshake to make my day at the diner complete.  I feel like I was right at home in grandma’s kitchen.

Cheeseburgers and other sandwiches get served up classic-style.  There is even a “Sausageburger” that I was tempted to try.  Also on the lineup are crispy ham and cheeses, fish sandwiches, pork tenderloin sandwiches and tuna melts just to name a few (literally, the menu is huge for the size of the place).

Come in for breakfast at Kosta’s and you’ll find fresh homemade biscuits and gravy which I hear is a hot seller.  You can get breakfast, omelet, egg/toast style all day long, but some of the other items you have to get in there first before breakfast hours are up.

Mrs. Young-Hee Kim has been running the place for 26 years.  Her American sister actually worked there when the original owner, George Kosta owned the place.  Mrs. Wilma Gadd has been at Kosta’s 43 years and through 4 owners!  Now that shows you how much fun they have at work.  Other veterans have been there for 17 years and absolutely love the fast pace and homestyle environment they provide.  “We’ve become family throughout the years, maybe we know each other better than family, like a second home,” Mrs. Gadd said.

Mrs. Kim has kept the restaurant in good condition while maintaining its authentic and classic appearance.  She even cooks, takes orders, busses tables, and rings out happy guests at this amazing piece of Hamilton culture and history.

Hamilton Proud

All in all, this is a diner to be proud of.  Located right in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Ohio.  This cornerstone of breakfast, lunch, and dinner is fit for business meetings and casual dine-ins.  It’s one smooth operation that takes a lot of time and dedication in order to fill many happy Hamiltonians on a daily basis.  Fried-grilled-braised-sauteed-baked: you name it, they got it.   Enjoy culinary comforts and great service here at Kosta’s Restaurant.


About James Logan Steed

James Steed is a Hamilton High School graduate of 06 and former culinary specialist and public affairs officer in the US Navy. Born and raised in Butler County He now works as a freelance writer and producer, he is a self-touted foodie and “minor-league” wine connoisseur.