Crawford Woods Elementary School Honors Local Veterans. 

Students and Staff assembled to honor local Veterans.

Monday, November 12th, students from Crawford Elementary School in Hamilton acknowledged local Veterans with cheers, songs, and recognition for their service to our Country.  Hamilton Ohio Mayor Pat Moeller was the Master of ceremonies. The event started as the Veterans made their way through a double line of students cheering and waving flags. The Hamilton High School Jr ROTC presented the Colors. The entire student body and staff stood to sing the National Anthem. Watch part of the second grades performance here. 

L to R; Mr. Harrison, US Navy WWII, Mr. Watson US Marine Corp WWII, Hamilton Ohio Mayor Pat Moeller


Mayor Pat Moeller and State Representative-Elect Sara Carruthers welcomed the Veterans and thanked them for their service. Both Moeller and Carruthers instructed the students on the importance of what Veterans have done for our Country. Mayor Moeller with help from his student assistant Kaylee Hartmann introduced each Veteran, their branch, and time served.

Kaylee Hartmann greeted each Veteran with a handshake as they were introduced. Kaylee was selected by Mayor Moeller to be his assistant due to her patriotic attire and enthusiasm.

The students ended the ceremony by passing through a receiving line shaking hands with each Veteran. The picture below features two World War II Veterans. Mr.Watson (wearing a red tie) is a Montforts Pointe Marine. He is wearing his Congressional Gold medal awarded to him in 2013 for his service in World War II. Mr. Harrison (next to Mr. Watson) is a Navy veteran. He was part of the team that transported troops across the Atlantic Ocean during War World II.

Students from Crawford Woods and Sara Carruthers, State Representative-Elect honored local Veterans.