Cozy’s Café & Pub: Local Farm to Table

I had recently heard from a friend that I had to try Cozy’s Café & Pub. This  Outstanding Farm to Table restaurant is a perfect date night spot tucked off the hustle and bustle of Cin-Day Rd.  The ambiance of Cozy’s takes you through several different rooms with different vibes. We opted to be close to the action and were seated inside the Pub room. Cozy’s Café & Pub features music nightly Wednesday through Saturday.

We started our meal off with a Patio Punch and an amazing Gin based drink called the Bees Knees.  Our server was very knowledgeable about the specials and advised us on our appetizer.

The Spicy Tuna Tower was accompanied with delicious house made chips.  I was impressed how quickly the dish arrived. The Tuna, Mango, Jalapeno was all very vibrant and fresh. Not sure what they do to their tortilla chips but, I could have had their chips all night.

After a few minutes of examining and re-examining the menu, getting lost in some pretty amazing options – including some tasty Vegan options – we made our mind


. We settled for our servers recommendation – The Pan Seared Halibut and the Porterhouse Lamb Chops.

The Pan Seared Halibut was served perfectly with sweet corn puree and was accompanied with Kale Spaetzle and Chef Local Veg. The filet was tender and flaky with every bite without being too fishy.


The Lamb Porterhouse Chops were grilled to my preferred taste (medium rare) and salted appropriately.  The 2 Chops were sized nicely and were accompanied with a Caeser Salad, the House Mash and the Chef’s Veg.  The Lamb was incredibly tender was very easy to pull from the bone.

If you are looking for an impressive eatery in Liberty Township that mixes high quality dining with farm to table ingredients make sure to stop by Cozy’s Café & Pub.

Where : Cozy’s Café & Pub
6440 Cincinnati Dayton Rd, Liberty Township, OH 45044