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January through March is mating season for coyotes. Males coyotes tend to be more aggressive during this time of the year. Many Butler County residents have noticed an increase in coyotes roaming the county. Although typically not a risk for humans coyotes do present a problem for pets and their owners.

According to the Ohio department of Natural Resources Wildlife division, coyotes are found in every county in Ohio. Butler County is listed on the ODNR website as having medium population count. However, two adjacent Counties have a high population count. Coyotes are here and here to stay. Coyotes are most active at dawn and dusk but have been seen through the day.

What can you do to protect your pets and your property?

Remove all attractants.

Coyotes are looking for food. Coyotes feed on small animals, insects, berries, fruit, and vegetation. Be sure your trash cans are secured. Clean your grill and do not leave food outside. Do not give coyotes a reason to get close to your property. Another prudent action is to keep a close eye on your pets as you let them outside during this season. Coyotes are fearful of humans. If you encounter a coyote clap your hands and make noise. In most cases, the coyotes will run off.  If you encounter coyotes you can locate a trapper near you by calling the Division of Wildlife at 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543) or visit