Corfman COVID-19 update, Thursday, July 30th, Butler County edition.

David Corfman- Guest Contributor

July 30th, 2020 – Butler County Connect

Ohio has gone from 19 counties at level 3 (Red) a week ago to only 13 this week. This is a GIF that shows the progress of this count for the month: Go down to the image that shows the progression of the alert levels. It’s pretty cool.
You would think we would be ecstatic over that news, but today’s report was a new record of state-wide cases, 1733. Deaths, Hospitalizations and ICU admissions remain steady (Chart #1).
Butler County remains at Level 2 (Orange) (Chart #2). Go to for more information. Select Butler County from the pull-down menu upper right. I found the graphic “i” to be informative for what the state is looking for in each category.
Butler County meets two indicators, which in this case, “meeting” is a bad thing. But it’s only two, and we are looking good in the other five. We’ve got to get the number of new cases down, currently at 90.31 cases per 100k of population. It needs to drop to 50.
We aren’t even close in the Non-Congregate cases either, currently at 85% when we need to drop to 50%. I don’t have a clear definition of what or how this is measured, but in this rare instance, I will guess that this is about long-term and group facilities. In this case, you would want to blame more cases on a group outbreak, instead of more wide-spread cases with more exposure. So in this reverse logic, you would rather have your cases come from a jail or nursing home. But if you take proper care, this won’t happen either.
Chart #3 is the summary of age groups of new cases in April. Compare this to Chart #4, the summary of age groups of new cases in July. You can see that the ages of victims are skewing lower. So how do we get through to these young adults that while they might not go to the hospital, their infected parents just might? COVID-19- Butler-County
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