Hamilton passes an ordinance to regulate the distribution of weekly advertisements.

On December 13th Hamilton’s new ordinance is set to begin

Butler County Citizens took to Facebook and other social media platforms to voice their opinion about the unsolicited weekly advertising packets tossed in their yards and gutters.

Finally, communities began to set guidelines for the delivering methods of the weekly advertising packets. On December 13th Hamilton’s new ordinance is set to begin. The new ordinance will impact the approximately 23,000 households in Hamilton Ohio. The new ordinance will have a positive impact on our local ecology.

For many years the Hamilton Ohio News and Events Facebook group has run polls and posts about the unwanted advertising materials. Many citizens have voiced their dislike for the “litter” that was being forced on to every household in Hamilton. On December 13, 2019, the rules change. 

Understand the New Ordinance: (from the City’s Online Post)

The new ordinance, effective December 13, 2019,  specifies where on a property unsolicited written materials such as advertising packets must be delivered, including:

• On a porch near the door

• Securely attached to the front door

• Through a mail slot in the door, if applicable

• Where permitted, in a distribution box located on or adjacent to the premises

• Securely attached to a hook or within some other receptacle used for the delivery of non-U.S. Mail packages or materials

• Personally to the owner, occupant, and/or lessee of the premises

Vice Mayor Michael Ryan had this to say, “I’m very pleased that council passed this legislation that will regulate these ads. Our residents have been dealing with this problem for way too long and I’m glad we finally got it addressed. I’m Very confident this is going to help reduce the amount of litter that these ads cause in our lawns, our driveways, our curbs and in our storm drains. “