Citizen Input Sought for Future Hamilton Public Market

By: Jeff Gambrell

HAMILTON – Community advocates involved in planning Freight House Market, a year-round farmers market near Downtown Hamilton, are seeking public input which will assist with its development. The open forum discussion scheduled for later this month will offer an in-depth presentation on what residents can expect to see in the Jefferson neighborhood’s unoccupied freight house including an exchange of food, art, and culture.

For Jackie Bouvette, this project holds a special meaning to her. She believes it has the potential for making a tremendous impact to Hamilton’s underserved communities.

“A local year-round market which intentionally strives to be affordable regardless of socioeconomic status seems like one of the best strides the city of Hamilton could make to address food insecurity across the board.

Bouvette, who works with Freestore Foodbank, is responsible for overseeing diverse outreach programs throughout the 20 Tri-state area counties they serve. She is all-too-familiar with food deserts such as the Jefferson neighborhood where access to fresh, affordable produce is scarce. Her hope is that the community will get behind this project and provide their input at one of the open forum discussions.

“The market provides a unique opportunity to break down barriers and tackle common challenges that equalize much of society. I sincerely hope the public meeting is well attended with lots of voices and viewpoints being expressed; this is crucial to creating a public market that holds value to the local people”.

Butler County residents who are interested in learning more about the project are encouraged to attend one of the open forum discussions taking place on Wednesday, February 28th from 6-7 PM and 7-8 PM in the Harry T. Wilks Conference Center on the Miami University Hamilton campus.

1, 6-7PM


Meeting #2, 7-8PM