Butler County History

Governor Bebb Metropark located in Butler County Ohio. Photo credit: E. Todd Fowler Local History in Butler County – William Bebb
Butler County Historic Markers

Butler County Historic Markers Trail

Butler County is full of rich history.  We have historical markers all over the county that teaches us about our past. Explore your home and find a...
Woodsdale Park. Trenton, Ohio. Butler County

Butler County Parks and Hiking Trails

Butler County Parks are a blessing.  Some of our most beautiful parks have water, flowers and forests. Take some time and get back to nature in Butler County. Dudley...
Butler County Produce Trail

Butler County Produce Trail – Find Locally Grown Food

Last updated: May 22, 2018  The Butler County Produce Trail will take you to all corners of the County to find healthy and locally grown food.  Find a...

The Butler County Beers and Bikes Trail

This self guided bike tour of Butler County's local breweries can be broken up in several legs. The total trip is will take about 8 hours assuming...

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