The Hamilton City Character Foundation is set to recognize characters of excellence and their contributions to the community this March.  The requirements of this are simple yet important.  To live your life in a way that gives back to the city, to support growth and to positively influence Hamilton and its citizens.  Six Awards will be handed out this year with a seventh being a lifetime achievement Award for Ralph Carruthers.

Ralph “Pat” Carruthers got his start in the US Marine Corps.  He served eight years in the Corps, at the end of which he decided to use his GI Bill to go to Miami University.  A descendant of the Procter family, the founding partner of Procter & Gamble, the young former Marine had an ethic and a penchant for hard work.  He worked his way up from the bottom at Champion paper and retired at 23 years of service to the company.

Carruthers had a plan.  A plan to set his family up for a legacy of giving back to the community.  A Legacy that still survives today.  The torch has been handed off currently to his daughter, Sara Carruthers.  If you take a walk around town you might notice some of the great things that this man and his family have done.  These things underline the reason for his precedence today and in the banquet to come.

  • Wilson Junior High School. Ralph and his wife Donna funded the Carruthers Center for Arts and Technology after the junior high lost a wing to a fire that occurred there.
  • Fort Hamilton Hospital. The Donna Y. Carruthers Cardiovascular Services Suite, the Ralph Rogan Carruthers Intensive Care Units, and Fort Hamilton’s beautiful emergency room were all philanthropic contributions in the Carruthers’ tradition of giving.   Fort Hamilton donations alone are currently in excess of $10 million.
  • Mercy Hospital. Ralph’s activities in association with Mercy have increased this hospital’s bottom line seamlessly through his efforts and donations.
  • The theatre at Hamilton High.  The Carruthers not only donated a huge amount of money for the Hamilton Rotary Auditorium at Hamilton High School, but they collected generous amounts from the community which went on to fund the theater department’s “Scene Shop” as well as to provide necessary renovations on the auditorium.
  • The Fitton Center. A founding member of this local Arts Center, Ralph’s endeavors funded the Ball Room and additions to adjacent parts of the building that helped make the Fitton Center a comprehensive and gorgeous Arts facility.
  • Berkeley Square. The Donna Y. Carruthers Manor House. A 13,000 square feet addition which is home to The Coach House Tavern, a multi-purpose room, a lounge, and gift shop.

The precedence Ralph has set for his family and the community is beyond excellence.  It is this giving back that enables this great man to receive an honorary title and lifetime achievement award.  Let’s applaud this great character that has been such a willing benefactor his entire life to our growing community.

Mr. Carruthers will be receiving special honors at the March banquet along with Shaquila Matthews, Madelyn Bolster, Michael Folkes, Shan Qureshi, Rachel Carter and Joanne Wallisch. The Celebration of Character awards will be given out on Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 in Miami University’s Harry T. Wilks Conference Center at Miami’s regional campus in Hamilton, Ohio.  Special guest speakers, twins Alvin and Kelvin Mantey, will speak on behalf of awardees and their accomplishments.

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About James Logan Steed

James Steed is a Hamilton High School graduate of 06 and former culinary specialist and public affairs officer in the US Navy. Born and raised in Butler County He now works as a freelance writer and producer, he is a self-touted foodie and “minor-league” wine connoisseur.