Butler County Connect Foodie Review

Looking for a unique weekly lunch spot? We stopped by Cafe Lee for their famous 3-course lunch.  Cafe’ Lee sits at the top of the hill of Butler Tech’s D. Russell Lee campus. Students enrolled in the program operate Cafe Lee, a practice restaurant. Thursdays and Fridays between January and April Seniors of 2019 will be curating their unique culinary visions inside Cafe’ Lee.  A single student or a pair will be charged with the task of running a cafe. From Menu Prep to Plating each student in the class is responsible for supporting their fellow student’s concept by running the restaurant. Lunch is typically served from 11:30 am to 1 pm.

Cafe’Lee located at ButlerTech D. Russell Lee campus

Last week’s offering consisted of Grilled Shrimp marinated with jerk seasoning and served with mango pepper sauce. The main dish was a large cut of pork, pan seared and finished with a sauce of pineapple coconut and tomato with asparagus on a bed of rice.  We had a choice of desserts Mango Cheesecake or a Vanilla Custard.  Drinks included a Mango Lemonade and a Ginger House Tea. 

This entire meal was incredibly tasty. The shrimp were grilled to perfection. The mango pepper sauce offered a nice dash of heat! The pork cutlets were cooked in a sous-vide and quickly pan-seared.  The cuts were incredibly tender and juicy! The tomato/pineapple also added a tangy twist! The mango cheesecake was accompanied with a bit of cinnamon which made for an amazing end to a delicious lunch!

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Cafe’ Lee Menus

March 28-29 Japanese menu

April 4 -5 Italian menu

April 11-12 Southern menu

April 17-18 German menu