It’s been said hindsight provides 20/20 vision

 In 2006, I began to see the manifestation of the rumored massive housing collapse in my neighborhood.  The house behind my property was foreclosed upon by the lending institutions.  That was only the beginning.  As time marched closer to September 2008, Butler County was about to get hit with a double whammy.

Whammy #1 came in the form of a once in a hundred year wind storm.  The storm was part of Hurricane Ike as it moved through the heartland of the United States.  This storm destroyed property, knocked out power, and took down many trees.  The oldest tree in Hamilton, located in the Highland Park community, was destroyed by this storm.  The neighbors gathered pieces of the historic tree as keepsakes of the years of shade it provided.  Neighbors helped neighbors and the community rebuilt.

Whammy #2 came as time moved closer to the recognition of the Great Recession of 2007-2008.  Houses in my neighborhood began to be foreclosed upon by the banks.  Four of the six homes located nearest mine were foreclosed upon.  After which, many of the properties sat empty for several years.  Court records show that one neighbor had loans of $220,000 against his home.  This house sat empty for two years; it was finally sold at Sheriff’s auction for $80,001.  Reports surfaced in the media that Ohio was becoming one of the worst states in our nation for foreclosures, and Butler County boasted the highest foreclosure rates in the state for many months.

I believe in Butler County, Ohio.

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Today, years after the storms, there are changes that still remind me of those dark days.  A new tree planted in Highland Park to replace the mighty, fallen oak.  New neighbors now fill the homes that sat empty for years.  A sprout of good has begun.

Neighbors helping neighbors

A website and social media network have been developed to share the good news of Butler County.  This network began as our county was leading the news headlines as foreclosure ground zero in Ohio.  Our county needed a shot of something good, so I formed this good news network about Butler County, Ohio.

I believe in Butler County, Ohio

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