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Butler County Foodies 

I am always looking for that “special” dining experience.  You might wonder what I mean by a dining experience.  Well, of course, I desire good food.  Who really enjoys spending money on bad food?  The experience would include the ambiance.  There is something extra special about a place that continues through the many decades of change. I love it when historical places continue to be vibrant establishments.   I have had the pleasure of eating at a restaurant that has done that.  For 83 years this place has weathered many changes.

This week’s restaurant is The Meadows.

This delightful restaurant is located at 2102 Yankee Road, Middletown Ohio.  The restaurant was built in 1934. The interior is a rustic wooden paneled pine walls with high-back booths and a beautiful horseshoe bar. This is a landmark restaurant located on the  South Side Middletown.  The walls are decorated with a few notorious gangsters and not your typical flat-screen televisions.  The Meadows was known for the top executive bosses from Armco conducting business deals over soup and sandwiches.  There was a telephone installed for the Journal reporter in the back-corner table to report any new decisions that were made at these executive lunches.

About The Meadows

Chef Ken Ledford and Emily Profit purchased The Meadows in 2014.  Ken Ledford is a dynamite chef.  His food is fresh and delicious.  The entrees are prepared individually not mass produced.  It is evident that each item is prepared fresh and full of flavor.  From the bread to the side salad all of which are fresh and delicious. I had the joy of trying sweet parsley dressing on my salad.  I had never had this dressing before and let me tell you it was delicious.  Here is the link to their website.

Happy eating Foodies!

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