Staff Report

Business Signs in Hamilton
City of Hamilton officials said it will start evaluating business signs this spring to make sure all are in compliance with zoning regulations.
The City released a list of “dos and don’ts” to encourage businesses to make sure they are meeting the mark. 
The city’s Zoning Ordinance is available to read online. Highlights:
• Permanent signage requires an application to be submitted to the City of Hamilton Building Department. It must include the location of all signage at the business, what it will look like, and more. 
• If the business is in a historic preservation district, it must get approval from the Architectural Design Review Board. There is an application for this, too. Business owners may visit the Ohio History Inventory website to see if a property is in a district.

The Details of Signage 
If you think the sign rules in the City might not need that much understanding, think again: Just the terminology around signs in the City of Hamilton’s Zoning Ordinance has 16 entries.
It also has a definition of what a sign is: “Sign means any visual communication device using letters, words, numbers, symbols, pictures, objects, or illumination, whose primary function is to attract the attention, or convey visual information about a product, service, business or event, to a person within a right of way or not on the premises where the device is located. 
“Signs shall only describe or direct attention to a product, service, business or event produced, provided, conducted, sold, offered, or performed on the same premises on which the sign is displayed.”
Read the full Zoning Ordinance for the City of Hamilton here.