Bees are swarming in Butler County Ohio

Bee are swarming in Butler County

Reports from various parts of Butler County are claiming bees are swarming. Typically bee swarm season peaks somewhere near mid May. This year the swarm reports arrived a few weeks earlier than normal. Swarming is a normal process for the honey bees.

What is a bee swarm?

A bee swarm is the process of a new colony forming. The honey bees, along with their Queen are looking for a place to call home. Scout bees have been sent out of the new colony searching for a safe and easy to guard location to call home. Although one may become alarmed by seeing thousands of honey bees buzzing across the sky it’s really not much of a threat. The bees are more concerned about finding a new home than causing havoc.

Look inside a swarm click this link.

What to do?

Remain calm and don’t become alarmed. The bees aren’t too concerned about you. Next, post your swarm location on the Butler County Beekeepers Facebook page.

Beekeepers are looking for swarms to add to their hives. If you can post a picture of the swarm that is very helpful.

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