After The old owners closed down the joint on Dec. 15th, 2017, and within 3 months Mrs.Jenny Guan and her team have redone the kitchen, revamped the menu and truly provided dining that is beautiful, elegant and inviting.  Sometimes I see places get lost in eclectic eccentricities however the decor here is simple, beautiful and clean.  Gorgeous tungsten lighting fixtures that are reminiscent of Far East folklore.  The place has seriously stepped up its game since its last opening, not to mention that the staff are some of the kindest people working in food service to date.

I ordered off of the new menu: a Cantonese-style Tofu on a bed of steamed carrots and fresh crunchy snow peas.  Piled on are sautéed onions and thinly sliced strips of water chestnut, all tossed in a golden coat of mildly spiced curry.  Flavors like turmeric and coriander are present, as they would be in any good Curry. It truly brought back Asian curries for me in a way that I’d forgotten about.   Some of the culinary pleasures I remember indulging in on military tours of Japan and surrounding countries.

The rice is what some refer to as “sticky rice”.  Its fluffy and cooked perfectly with just the right sized grain to be both palatable and functional in the chew.  With curry, the rice is always served separately almost like stir-fry, except the diner spoons the delectable meal over top or to the side of the rice.

The oolong tea, a staple of Chinese tradition, came out fresh and hot in beautiful china ware.  Perfect for Sunday brunch or after a long day at the office to unwind.

At Asian Lantern in Hamilton, Ohio, any foodie warrior can find a superbly fine meal without breaking their billfold.  The leftovers to my perfect portion of Curry Tofu even made my doggy bag look appetizing and top-notch.

“Transitioning from the old to the new restaurant and bringing the customers back from the old restaurant – and I came back – they are very happy.  I am also very happy to provide good service here to the new customers,” said owner Jenny Guan.

Kudos to you Mrs. Guan!

Food service professionals: Asian Lantern is currently hiring waiters and waitresses.  This restaurant would be a great place to work, especially if you’re savvy with Asian cuisine/culture.

Asian Lantern 965 Main St, Hamilton, OH 45013