Alexander's Market and deli
Alexander’s Market and Deli located downtown Hamilton Ohio

Alexander’s Market and Deli

Located on the corner of Second and High Street  sits the latest edition to downtown Hamilton’s  bustling business district. Alexanders’s Market and Deli is quickly becoming the go to place to grab breakfast or lunch, grab a few groceries,or arrange to have catering for your business lunch or family gathering prepared for you by an attentive staff.

Located downtown Hamilton Ohio

You will be met with a smile and a hearty greeting. Many staff members know our customers by name. Kyla Rooney, the Alexander’s owner, is committed to serving the needs of the growing neighborhood and nearby businesses. She is currently building the inventory on neighborhood surveys and customers request.

Why Alexander’s Market and Deli?

One common question is where did the name come from? The store name and logo is after Alexander Hamilton, as to recognize the City and it’s namesake. The reason for that is Alexander’s is more than just a local grocer. The owners plan to become a vital part of downtown and the people living and working in Hamilton.

Hamilton’s revival

The next time you are in the area, stop in and see what the buzz is about. There are plenty of reasons to get downtown Hamilton today. There is a new excitement among shoppers and patrons. Hamiltonian’s are ecstatic to see our beloved city blossoming into a charming place we believe that it is. Alexander’s Market and Deli is proud to be part of Hamilton’s revival.