Butler County Connect Business Spotlight: Reserve Run Farm 


Welcome to Reserve Run Farm. From the Johnson Family To Your family. Locally Grown Food In Butler County Ohio.

Reserve Run Farm are producers of high quality, all natural beef, pork, pasture raised poultry and lamb.  At Reserve Run Farm they focus on quality over quantity.  That means you will always enjoy consistently delicious products direct from their farm. 

All of their meats are hormone free and antibiotic free, which gives you the confidence that your purchase will be a wholesome, tasty choice to nourish the people you care about. 

100% of the feed their cattle eat is grown and harvested on their farm.  Their family has been producing delicious beef by feeding cattle the same recipe since 1943.  Tested through time, this high forage recipe has proven to give their consumers the great flavor and high quality they have come to expect.

Their chicken eat a blended diet that consists of corn and wheat grown and harvested on their farm, roasted soybean meal, and organic blends of vitamins, minerals, fish meal, kelp, and aragonite.  Besides their blend of feed which is the absolute highest quality we can provide, the chickens also are free to roam about eating grass and scratching in the dirt. (Sourced from http://reserverunfarm.com/)

Meet The Johnson Family of Reserve Run Farm, Butler County Ohio.

[Beginning of Recorded Material]

Ashley:                     Hi I’m Ashley, this is Lucy.

Drew Johnson:                  And I’m Drew Johnson and we’re the owners of reserve run family farm here in Oxford Ohio. We’re a third generation farm, my family started out on Stilwell Road, Wayne and Eileen Johnson back in the 1940s. And we came up with a name for our business, because the water that runs off of our family farm runs into reserve run the stream, so we came up with the name for our business based off of that.

We have expanded since then a little bit, Ashley and I purchased this farm three years ago on lanes Mill Road and we brought the name with us even though we’ve kind of left a reserve run and now we’re at the origin of Stoney run. But we would still keep our roots on Stilwell Road, and we still raise a lot of cattle on that farm as well. So here on this farm we specialize in all natural meats, beef has always been our staple as well as pasture raised chickens, and we recently expanded into pork and we also have sheep and meat goats as well.

Ashley:                                 We 155 acres here on the farm, and we have a retail business and so we sell to several restaurants, we sell to the coach house to sign Keller in Oxford, to social OTR in over-the-Rhine, as well as the moon co-op in Oxford, and we have meat sales at our farm too.

On Saturdays we invite the community to come out and shop in our meat truck, and then just take a little walk around the farm, so it’s a fun weekend event and we love to have folks come out to the farm and visit. Can you tell them what your favorite animal is on the farm?

Lucy:                                     My favorite animals are goats.

Ashley:                                 Every spring we have lots of cute baby goats. What’s your favorite animal on the farm?

Speaker:                              My ducks and my goats.

Ashley:                                 Yes, we love goats; we’re starting to do goat yoga on the farm, that’ll be a fun summer venture that we’re expanding to. So we farm together as a family as well as with our parents and our extended family, so this is a big operation and certainly one that we need to do with our family. And it’s the best way to raise our family and to spend time together, we raised you want to talk about all the farming practices?

Drew Johnson:                  Yes, so we raised some row crops, soybeans, corn, raising quite a bit of wheat this year and we also make a lot of hay and then the straw when we harvest the weed as well. And besides that we have you a decent bit of pasture that we rotate our animals through, we do kind of modified mob grazing is kind of the path we’re taking to build back soil organic matter and to make our water filtrate through the ground a little bit better than it normally would.

Ashley:                                 Because our aim is all-natural, high quality products our animals spend as much time on pasture as possible, and they’re brought lots of fresh hay throughout the cold months.

Drew Johnson:                  So the meat sales we do on the farm roughly about once a month, sometimes we can get to a month in and all of that can be found on our website at Reserverunfarm.com or our Facebook page.

Ashley:                                 Reserve run family farm.

Drew Johnson:                  Yes.

Ashley:                                 And we advertise the meat sales, throughout the summer we’ll have two a month, but we love to see folks come out for the meat sales; right the girls would give you a tour.

Drew Johnson:                  Yes, and then we also do pre-orders where you can download our price list with our items that we have in our inventory, and then we can box it up and do a pickup day as well.

[End of Recorded Material]

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