Virgil M Schwarm Stadium

Home Field Advantage in Jeopardy

For the past 75 years or so, Badin High School (formerly Hamilton Catholic) played all their home football and soccer games at the Hamilton City Schools athletic fields. In 2020 the tradition will come to an end. As of now, Badin athletic teams will play five of the twenty-one games in their hometown. Essentially they have been left without home-field advantage.

The Badin High School 2020 Football Homecoming game will be played at Fairfield High School Football field for the first time in school history. Geoff Melzer, Badin High School athletic director said, “It doesn’t just hurt our students but is hurts the off-duty Hamilton Police, and the businesses around Hamilton High School. Next year the business will go to Fairfield.”

Geoff Melzer went on to indicate the schools have enjoyed an excellent working relationship until recently. The Badin High School AD began to notice Hamilton City Schools canceling and or adjusting athletic field rental agreements with little notice. The change of venues caused Badin High School teams to scramble to find a place to play their games, even though there was a contract for the usage of the field.

Hamilton City Schools released a statement regarding this issue.

“HHS has completed its fall of 2020 scheduling of Virgil Schwarm stadium. Once HHS teams and activities were scheduled, Badin was given priority to any and all available dates. Hamilton City Schools continues to value the long-term relationship it has established with Badin as we move forward.”

Melzer would like for Hamilton City Schools to revert back to the tradition and allow Badin Students to play in their hometown and have home-field advantage. Melzer assured Butler County Connect all future home games, times, and locations will be published on the school’s website and social media outlets to help minimize any issues for the Badin families and students.