Marshall High School located in Middletown Ohio is a school designed for students who have learned traditional high school is not a fit for them. Recently State Senator Bill Coley, State Senator Steve Wilson along with State Representative Sara Carruthers toured Marshall High School a public charter school. Marshall High School is managed by Oakmont Education and Chuck Hall serves as the school Principal.  

“I knew years ago I was going to be in a career to help others. I wouldn’t want to be any other place.” Chuck Hall, Marshall High School Prinicpal

Marshall High School tour Middletown Ohio

Driving into the parking lot one soon realizes Marshall High School is not your typical traditional high school. Located at 4720 Roosevelt Blvd in a strip mall. Marshall High school is breaking perceptions about education and exceeding expectations. The newly renovated building and caring staff welcome students for their opportunity to finally succeed in their high school career.

Marshall is a DORP (Drop Out Recovery Program) public charter school serving a specific niche.

“A school like Marshall High School is needed because what works for one student doesn’t work for others.”  said State Senator Bill Coley.  

Marshall High School is a pathway to success for many students. Students will major in one of the  five areas of study which are; construction services, healthcare services, IT services, manufacturing and early childhood education. But before the students begin their career education path, each student is taught soft skills. Soft skills include interviewing skills, work place etiquette, and conflict resolution skills. Both soft and hard skills are used everyday in business and students learn what is takes to succeed.

“Our education model is more in line with the department of labor model and not so much the education model. We prepare our students for the work force.”  Dr. Jerry Farley, Executive Director, Career Tech, Oakmont Education

Statistics show completing a high school diploma increases lifetime earning potential. It’s estimated that a high school dropout cost taxpayers nearly $300,000 over their lifetime.

“Schools such as Marshall High School provides a pathway out of poverty and into the workforce. It’s a place that brings hope to students who have struggled in their high school careers and teaches them what it takes to succeed,” said State Representative Sara Carruthers.

Marshall High School partners with local businesses to allow students to gain real-life experiences and provides a pathway to the workforce. Marshall High School is exceeding the standards set forth by the State of Ohio. Visit for more details.

Marshall High School Middletown Ohio