2018 was quite the year! Here are the top seven stories of 2018 based on our readers’ engagement and views on Butler County Connect.

7. Butler County prohibition history. Videos about local history. https://butlercountyoh.us/2018/03/stockton-club-located-near-mack-road-seward-road-learn-piece-butler-county-history/

6. Did you know there is a Butler County resident that played on the 1963 championship team 55 years ago? Here is his Loyola-Chicago story. https://butlercountyoh.us/2018/03/ncaa-champion-loyola/

5. Local internet impresario Danny Ivers caused an uproar this afternoon with his photoshopped version of Time Magazine’s Person of the year featuring Sherriff Richard K. Jones.  https://butlercountyoh.us/2018/12/did-this-photo-cause-an-uproar-yes-yes-it-did/

4. Butler County – Like any other place in the world has had its fair share of unsolved homicide cases. Some cases are a few months old, while others have been open for decades. For each unsolved homicide case, there is a grieving family left behind searching for answers. https://butlercountyoh.us/2018/11/u-can-speak-for-me-unsolved-homicides-in-butler-county/

3. Zach Pike, a Hamilton resident, began a project ten years ago. He decided to take a picture of himself every day for ten years. It took one camera and 8 I phones and lots of determination and commitment to capture the 3650 images. https://butlercountyoh.us/2018/07/hamilton-man-takes-a-picture-of-himself-every-day-for-the-past-ten-years/

2. But I believe it’s quite possible the perfect berry salad has been found in Hamilton Ohio. High Street Café has hit the ball out of the park with this edible delight. As their menu states, the salad is a robust serving of “mixed field greens topped with red onions, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, candied pecans, fresh berries, and choice of grilled or blackened chicken. Served with house honey poppy seed dressing.”  The combination of ingredients is salad Nirvana. https://butlercountyoh.us/2018/03/perfect-berry-salad-found-hamilton-ohi

  1. Mark Twain once wrote, “When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always 20 years behind the times.” This is not true for my beloved hometown just a few miles north of there. The City of Hamilton, Ohio has become a modern playground for children and adults alike. https://butlercountyoh.us/2018/05/downtown-outdoor-refreshment-area-program-in-hamilton-ohio/