2018 HPD Citizens Police Academy Graduates Gain Insight Into Police Training and Tactics

By: Jeff Gambrell

HAMILTON – Several residents representing their respective Hamilton neighborhoods recently completed the 2018 Citizens Police Academy hosted by the Hamilton Police Department (HPD). Over twenty-five, graduates were recognized Tuesday evening at Colligan Lodge for completing a six week, in-depth dive into the day-to-day operations of the HPD.

2018 Citizens Police Academy. Photo submitted

Vice Mayor Michael Ryan was in attendance at Tuesday evening’s graduation to address the recent graduates. He commended those who took part in the classes while affirming the commitment of the police department to the community.

“During the eleven months I have been here (on Council), I have learned so much regarding the ins and outs of our police department. I can assure you they are dedicated to our visions, they are dedicated to our families, and they are dedicated to our safety”, says Ryan.

Peter Engelhard Jr., a City of Hamilton 17 Strong board member, was one of the graduates at the November 13th event.

2018 Citizens Police Academy. Photo submitted

“I learned how the police department responds in certain situations depending on how dangerous it is. I got to experience and learn what the police do in the community and what resources are available. I would recommend anybody to attend this academy”, says Engelhard.

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The 17 Strong board assisted in promoting the classes in an effort to have representatives present from every neighborhood in the city to act as liaisons on educating others on their experience. They have also partnered up with the HPD to organize the Better Hamilton Neighborhood Meeting Series happening Thursday, December 6th at Highland Elementary. This event provides an opportunity for residents to meet their neighborhood’s designated officer and how best to address criminal activities.

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