Stay connected to events and breaking news in Butler County. 

Would you like to be more informed about events, happenings and even breaking news happening in your city and county? There are several groups specifically designed for people who live, work and play in Butler County.

Facebook offers group members great ways to connect and share event information.Be sure to contribute your information and commentary to the groups you join.  2018 will have many events and breaking news. Be sure to be on the front line of breaking information and join a group.

Butler County Ohio news and events 

Hamilton Ohio news and events

Middletown Ohio news and events

West Chester /Liberty news and events 

       Butler County Ohio Classifieds 

Butler County Ohio Veterans

Butler County Ohio Business Connect

Butler County Ohio Memorials and Obituaries 

Do you have an event you would like placed on our 2018 calendar? Post it in one of the groups linked above and we could place it on our community events calendar. Check out the calendar here!